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2007 Gallardo Spyder
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I'm excited to be among fellow Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts. It's been a 15 year dream come true. I hope to bring some expertise in mechanical engineering and software development. As a hobby I used to produce and sell low cost ABS brake bleeding tools for the NA1 Honda NSX - having recently refurbished the modulator system on my own one, before jumping on the chance to upgrade to the Gallardo. I'm just beginning the read the owners manual before attempting to get hold of a service manual :) Anyway..

I've just bought a beautiful '07 Gallardo Spyder with 5400miles (8700kms) on the clock. I am curious to know if there some sort of alert that appears on the multimedia screen that warns the driver of low clutch reading? Or is it the case that the e-gear snap system only checks the clutch thickness upon a techie querying the system with LaRA-AS etc?

I would also be interested to know if anyone here uses an alternate system e.g basic XS cable + software other than the LaRA-AS software for retrieving this kind of data/statistics? (I'm not interested in writing data to the ECU etc if can be avoided!)

Kind Regards,

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