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ClearPlex or Not...?

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Recently bought a 2020 Huracan EVO - all wheel drive. Haven't driven much, as I had been waiting to get it 100% wrapped in Xpel and windows tinted, that's finally all done and have been able to put those first few hundred miles on it.

I'm considering putting ClearPlex on the windshield...minimal cost of around $500, no big deal. The question is to do it or not. I am completely OCD about my vehicles (wouldn;t even drive the EVO until fully wrapped to keep paint perfect). I certainly like the idea of windshield protection from rocks and road debris. Have read many negative reviews on less than perfectly clear, once you do get a few minor rock hits it dimples and looks horrible and vision through it gets worse and worse. I understand it may only "last" a couple years and then need replaced, I'm fine with that...just not sure whether to do it or not.

Any real world experience and input is appreciated.
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I have it on my Aston and when I first picked up the car I felt there was an extremely light distortion. It initially bugged me but after a few days I ceased to notice anymore and am glad that I had it installed when they did the full PPF. If it continued to be an issue I could simply have it removed.

A Lamborghini with an even higher windshield rake angle may make the slight distortion more noticeable, but I think you will forget about it knowing you have added protection.

As Lambo2018 mentioned, changing out a windshield on an expensive vehicle capable of speeds ~ 200 mph needs precision and I would like to avoid that if at all possible.
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