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Hi , I have a 99 diablo roadster and the car will not start. The engine is cranking fine, battery condition is very good. I turned the key to position two 3 times and had the Check engine light (Left) flash, 9 , 10, 11 and 12 times . I am not sure what is wrong.

Does anyone have the codes for the lights and can share this please.


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Here ya go!

Number Of Flashes Error Indication
1 Lambda sensor inactive
2 Lambda sensor detected weak fuel mixture
3 Lambda sensor detected rich fuel mixture
4 Timing sensor
5 Engine speed and TDC sensor
6 Engine speed and timing sensor signal wrong sequence
7 Air pressure sensor
8 Battery voltage
9 Coolant temperature sensor
10 Not used
11 Intake air temperature sensor
12 Throttle potentiometer
13 CAN communication link failure
14 Not used
15 Not used
16 Not used
17 Catalyst system efficiency
18 Lambda sensor efficiency
19 Misfire detected
20 Misfire detected
21 Carbon filter washing solenoid valve
22 OBDII system failure
23 OBDII system failure

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Bruce, your comment leaves me curious: could an OBDII for your car be retrofitted? Your year (I seem to recall MY96?) in US models has them, so I wonder if AUS models could readily be added.

Anyone know?

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Obviously, you need to check the following connectors: temp sensors, tps sensors, their plugs on the engine, also I’d check the way they are connected on the ECU, like ECU connection.
Too many failures, seems like a plug somewhere is loose.
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