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Cell Phone volume

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So I just picked up a 17 Aventador S. The car has the sensonum stereo. The radio plays very loud, however when I make a phone call I can barely hear the person talking no matter how loud I turn the volume up. The volume on my phone is turned all the way up as well. Yet unless im am sitting still and not driving the car I can hardly hear the other person talking. So radio goes plenty loud, but phone I cant get any volume out of it at all. My Huracan was the same but that had an aftermarket exhaust so I thought it was that. However the A has stock exhaust and the volume level is just as low.
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Yes the stereo is very loud, I wouldn't say that its the best quality, bass has to be dialed back or its just muddy but at least I can hear it. I haven't played music through it from my phone. However if it is like my H the volume was the same with the radio as it was with the bluetooth from my phone. So the solution that I see people here using for a better quality bluetooth experience for playing music doesn't seem like that would be the answer for the low volume when using the phone.
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