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Cash Flipping

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I've stumbled across a medium size Wealth Management company in my town. I've had an idea to turn $1000, into an extra $10,000 with proper investing (I want to do that myself with their help) would this be the place to go? Something tells me it is. Also, I haven't posted on this forum in a while, so I've decided to share my current business minded thoughts here.

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Oh I can't wait.
Most legit wealth management fund has a min. Entry point of $1million dollar cash.
Most legit wealth management fund has a min. Entry point of $1million dollar cash.
I've heard about a wealth management company that requires a minimum of $5 Million.
I invested 10K dollars into some wealth management and I only received 1K profit after 3 years, I don't think they are that profitable, I decided to withdraw and start a real small business.
I am not a fan of get rich quick when it comes to investments, there INVESTMENTS. If you can make 10k out of 1k then by all means do it. But when I look at investments I think of dividends and compounding interest. Or something like land or houses you'd rent or lease or sell later for a profit. I'm going to come up with a number ( not exactly what I did cause theres no point and basically against forum guidelines) but its close enough, I invested 1 million in the stock market, and you know how much I make a year off that? 28k.... It's not much but its safe and its better than sitting in a shoe box aka a bank.

notice: before anyone says "why don't you have a lambo then?" its cause the money I made was brief and unlikely to happen again (yeah it contradicts that I said above but there is always screwed variables), I just graduated so looking for a solid job then i'll buy one, cheers!.
im not even sure how to react to this one. im hoping this was a joke. Wealth management isn't a product or an investment strategy. its a business classification within the investment arena. Financial advisors work in a department called wealth management. Ie they are brokers.
making 10k out of 1k really sounds flammable, but I independently do aggressive investments myself so I feel you.
making $10k out of $1k, easily, low risk?

okay.jpg. Anyone who coudl do that would probably be given the red carpet on wall st.
Most legit wealth management fund has a min. Entry point of $1million dollar cash.
I have heard like this!
$1k to $10k? Why so conservative? Go from $1k to $500k bro
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