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This last weekend I was invited to go on a run with the NW Ferrari club, leaving Seattle, taking the back roads to Cannon Beach Oregon. The trip was about 250 miles of PURE JOY........It was hard to hold back in behind the F-Cars, but they are a GREAT bunch of people.

This is their second annual trip to the city by the Sea. There were about 50 cars from Washington State and about 15 cars from Oregon State, including a NEW F-430-Red in color, tan interior pretty darn nice..sounded great!!

The City and Oregon State Police pretty much looked the other way for us...I passed one tropper at 150MPH plus..he flashed his lights that was it!!!!!!

I think this is due to the fact that the F-Club donated over 4K last year anc close to 6K this year to the LOCAL VOLUNTEER FIRE and RESCUE Department.

This was accomplished by offering rides to the locals of about 10 minutes for $20 to $50.00 each..depending were they went and how far of a ride..I took (8) riders.....ALL choose to due the 150 MPH PLUS ride.....what a kick......

Will for SURE do it again next year....same time same place...... :wave:
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