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Calender status????

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Whats the status of the [2005] calender ?

Am I not looking for it in the right thread? :confused: :confused:

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I'm trying to get it to the printers next week, however I do have a little delimma, I didn't see it until I stared assembling it. I have a full 11" x 17" page to fill with something..Not sure what yet, maybe a collage or specifications of all the cars, like what's on, or I have some factory shots of cars being assembled, maybe arrange those on the page.

Who else has suggestions? It has to be quick as I think these need to be in everybody's hands next month. Something that takes a lot of cooperation from the members is probably going to take too long, based on how long it took to get 12 good pictures.
Maybe just the Lamborghini Logo with black background. Very classy...
I like that quick and easy, or am I copping out? :)
As you mentioned, model spec's. Or just a breif history of the models with production years and numbers.

Would that be too much?

Are you going to add the good calendar dates? Like Lamborghini's birthday, Car premier dates, Lambo specific stuff. I am sure we can all give you dates if you need them.

Yea sure I'd love to put the dates in there. As many relative ones as possible.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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