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Hi all,

I own an automotive business and am soon to be installing air suspension to an Aventador LP700-4.

I have everything sorted but the only thing i am unsure of is the factory lift setup and how to bypass it, safely remove it where it wont cause faults or issues for the customer.

If i remove the fittings off the front struts and plug them off is there a way to turn off the ride lift option or have it even programmed off by Lamborghini themselves?

technically i could set it to ride height fix the height sensor to this position ( assuming nothing else is getting info based on that height sensor) then it would think its at that height all the time but then what happens if the lift button is pushed, so to tackle that can a pin from the switch plug be removed or will it be in a closed loop and if the trigger wire is removed throw an error etc etc.

Has anyone done this or changed struts and have a good remedy for the removal of the factory lift?

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