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If you are a lucky owner of classic beauty or just wanted to protect your luxury Lamborghini, it may be a good idea to carefully think about it's storage both indoor and outdoor.

The best way to protect your precious car is to put it in a bubble! Seriously, isolate it from the rest of the world and worry about it's safety no more, because as long as your ride is

inside of this highly impact resistant sphere, it is fully protected from any possible damages.

CarCapsule® - Bubble Car Cover

Outdoor -

Indoor -

CarCapsule® - Indoor Car ShowCase (22’8” L x 9’3” W x 7’6” H)

CarCapsule® - Indoor Bubble Motorcycle Cover

Check out this video and see how does this cool car covers works:

* Comes with a washable filter;
* Withstands up to 5 lb of weight;
* Takes 5-10 min to setup and inflate;
* Easy-to-clean with paper towels;
* Available in many size options to choose from;

How do you like the idea of bubble car cover?
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