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It seems to have been a whirlwind the last few months. I haven't been able to be on the forums hardly at all with everything we've had to get done. So, I figure I'll make a thread in our little section about it. We developed a new clutch (the ECT Dual Friction, a step above the standard Kevlar offerings), were at the Festivals of Speed Concours d'Elegance in Miami, attended the Petit Le Mans, did an interview with Secret Entourage, caught up with clutch orders, etc.

We got to work with John Nouri over at Broadway Performance and Broadway Supercars on putting an ECT Dual Friction™ Kevlar/Ceramic clutch assembly in their 2007 E-gear Gallardo spyder. This clutch is perfect for rental companies as the car will obviously be abused most of it's life by inexperienced drivers and people wanting to push the car. So, this was a great pairing as the dual friction assembly (one Kevlar disc combined with one Ceramic disc) is very resistant to this type of environment while still maintaining stock driving characteristics thanks to how we've built it.
Here is a picture of their beautiful Gallardo (Be sure to contact these guys if wanting to rent an exotic in NY/NJ):

Here is a teaser pic from Festivals of Speed where the Pagani Huayra was unveiled:

To check out the whole album of our photos, you can click the link below:
ECT | Festivals of Speed | Miami Winsauce | Facebook

If you have any questions about the ECT Dual Friction™ clutch assembly and all its benefits, feel free to pm me or email me at [email protected].
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