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Hey Lamborghini Talk,

My name is Eddy from Brooke Race Exhausts (BRE).
We are a manufacture of Inconel exhaust systems for Supercars and the motorsport sector. We design & manufacture everything in house to offer the best possible service along with uncompromised quality.

Based in the UK & ship worldwide.

BRE - Lamborghini Huracan Performante LP640
Manufactured from Inconel 625 - material used for F1 systems & hypercar P1, 918, La Ferrari

A unique design compromising of a CAD designed and caculated H-pipe, removing the vacuum valve giving the true sound from the V10.

The exhaust gases leave the V10 stock headers into the BRE H-pipe , which balances exhaust gasses and dramatically enhances the tone of the V10 engine.

Other benefits include 20+ kg weight saving and very aesthetically pleasing BRE Inconel system that changes gold/ purple after driving.

The exhaust is Bolt on/ bolt off fitment and mounted to the standard headers & catalytic converters.
Our non valved race system does not contain valves and the original vaccum setup is muted safely & fully reversible.
With the BRE rear setup only, no ECU tune required and no CEL warning light.


Link to BRE website

Key Features
- Inconel 625 0.9mm construction
- Beautiful tone & sound improvement giving the sound to match the performance
- Impressive weight saving 20KG +
- Bolt on/ Bolt off solution
- No CEL or ECU tune required
- Designed & Manufactured in house by BRE

£2655 (+Vat for EU)

10% discount for Lamborghini Talk members & Free shipping
Pm or email us for discount code.

[email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you all soon

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