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2017 Aventador SV Roadster
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Thought I'd share my observations I have had over the last 12 years or so on peoples reactions to the different brands I have owned when they first spot them on the road.

Lotus Esprit TT was always positive as most car enthusiasts loved the look but more knew this was a rebel Brand and achievable to own. 50% of ladies loved the Esprit because reminded them of Pretty Woman go figure 馃槈

Ferrari 430 spider I use to get a mixed bag, 50% loved the Brand and waved with thumbs up, 50% hated the Brand and gave me the finger LOL, but 100% thought I was a pompous owner 馃え馃槀 Ferrari brand does that.

McLaren 570s Spider and 720S Coupe was always positive, no matter where I went small children knew exactly what the 570 or 720S was and what it represented, as where most adults never knew what the Brand was but were thrilled in the Beauty and lines of the car, never had bad experience with both Macs

Lamborghini oh Lamborghini both 1997.5 Diablo Roadster VT and my (new to me) Aventador Roadster SV have this weird odd effect on people. These cars intimidate people by their sheer looks of aggression and presence, no one will look at me in the car, they always sit a bit back so they can look at the car but not make any eye contact with the driver.
Even when we are parked and people want to look closer if I am standing near the car they will not approach so easily like they did with the McLaren, they sit back to make sure it's ok to approach or ask if it's OK to take pics, it's weird.

So I found a best representation of what owning a Lambo feels like 馃槇.


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I ran the Festival de San Fermin in Pamplona. Biggest rush ever being chased by 13 bulls weighing 2000 lbs each. 21 years old I thought I would live forever.

Now i get my rush from behins the wheel of my Huracan.

No risk of getting gored HA

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LOL that's awesome... Saving now. Somewhat true as you see people move out the way when you're passing by LOL 馃悅 :ROFLMAO:
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