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Basic Specs

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In 1977 Lamborghini was desperately searching for money and work, one of the things that came out of this need was the Cheetah project. They got the contract to develop and produce an all-terrain vehicle for the U.S. firm Mobility Technology International, to be sold to the U.S. army under the Hum-Vee (High Utility Mobile Military Vehicle) program as a replacement for the Jeep. But M.B.I. got patent problems with the FMC Corporation (who later got the army contract for their Hummer) and the contract was over. Lamborghini built only one prototype that was destroyed in a crash test somewhere in the Californian dessert. But the idea of a all-terrain vehicle didn't go by, when the Mimram brothers took over control they started working on the LM project......
LM 001
After the takeover of Lamborghini by the Mimram brothers they decided to built their own All-terrain Vehicle, and the LM project was born. There are two explanations for LM, one is Lamborghini Military, the other Lamborghini Mimram. In 1981 the car was introduced in Geneve as the LM 001, it had an AMC engine, but was available with Lamborghini's V 12 as well. The car wasn't very good, at hard acceleration the front wheels almost left the ground, and the decided to change the lay-out: the engine had to be in the front.
LMA - LM 002
In 1982 the LMA (A stands for Anteriore = in front) was ready, it had the V12 of the Countach mounted in front, it had power assisted steering and room for 6 persons in the back where on the LM 001 the engine was situated, the impact of the LMA was impressive, and the commercial potential looked very good, so, the LMA was renamed LM 002 before the real production started. After two more models, the LM 003 and LM 004 (see later on) they decided to produce the LM 002. The LM 003 was basically the same as the LM 002, but it had a 3 Ltr. six cilinder turbo-diesel engine from VM, it was no success, the engine with only 150 Hp. was much to light to power the almost 3000 Kg. heavy LM. The LM 002 is the most expensive and outrageous 4x4 ever made in series production, with it's massive power of the V12 with 444 Hp. it was faster then a Z28 Camaro, it was more luxury than many saloons, and on it's immense tires (325/65 ZR's) it could get almost everywhere. If you've ever seen one, you know how it looks: Big ! The car was as wide as a Countach, as high as 1,80 mtr. and it's weight is 3100 Kg. Can you imagine accelerating a thing like this in 7,9 seconds to 100 Km/h ? It's top speed was 190 Km/h, not bad for a 4x4. Later versions were equipped with the Diablo engine, most cars were delivered to private owners, but several were delivered to governments and army's. The Saudi Arabian army had ordered 300 of them, the first 143 had the Countach engine and the rest was delivered with the Diablo engine. The nick-name of this car ?.....RAMBO-LAMBO !
LM 004
The LM 004 was the 4th. prototype of the LM-series, It was basically the same as the LM 002 but it had a bigger engine. It was an engine that Lamborghini had developed years ago, and it was used in many.....powerboats, Yes, this was one of the famous Lamborghini Marine engine's. This one in particular was the V 12 version of 7,3 Ltr. with four overhead camshafts, six big Webers and so on, it's torque was 589 Nm. During testing this car took hills of 70 %, it's top speed was over 200 Km/h. and it took less then 8,5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 Km/h., But this was to much, they decide to produce the LM 002 with the Countach engine.