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In 1974 Ferruccio Lamborghini left, the new owners, Rossetti and Leimer were not interested in 2+2 sport cars and they decided to rebuilt the Urraco into a sportive 2 seater (like Ferrari's 308). The 2 back seats and windows were deleted and the car got a targa roof, the chassis was stiffened and much wider tires were mounted. The styling of the car was much more aggressive than the Urraco, it was a good car, but there were two problems : due to the rumours about Lamborghini's financial position the buyers didn't come, and, the largest problem: they couldn't meet the U.S. emission regulations, so the car was officially not sold in the U.S.
At the end of the 70's the position of Lamborghini was very bad, but they survived, The Mimram's took over control and supplied the needed money to develop new projects. Giulio Alfieri (from Maserati) came and started working on the new small Lamborghini. He up rated the V8 engine to 3485 cc. and it delivered 255 Hp. at 7000 Rpm. They started working on the basic chassis of the Silhoutte, witch was pretty good. The suspension and gear-ratio's were changed and new Pirelli P7 tires were mounted on 16" wheels. With this changes, and the completely new interior it was a very nice car, it drove easy, even in city traffic, and the price was reasonable, but most of it's competitors were faster ( Porche 911 Turbo and Ferrari 308 QV / 328). Sales were not what they had expected, and when Chrysler took over the company in 1987 they decided to stop production. In july 1988 the last Jalpa came from the production-line.

Silhouette Jalpa P 350
Production no. 52 410
Production years '76-'78 '82-'88
Driven wheels rear rear
Place engine mid mid
No. seats 2 2
Engine type V8 4 OHC V8 4 OHC
Engine size (cc) 2996 3485
Max. power (Hp/Rpm) 250 / 7500 255 / 7000
Max. torque (Nm/Rpm) 264 / 5750 318 / 3250
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