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The Jarama is the successor of the Islero, this car was out of date and Lamborghini decided that it had to be replaced. The chassis of the new car was a shortened version of the Espada one, and the car was designed by Marcello Gandini. All panels (from steel) were pressed by Bertone. Assembly took place (like the Islero) at Marazzi's. Because they did not have all the modern equipment the body shell's were very heavy, this brought the total weight to 1634 Kg. Because of this heavy weight the cars were not capable of reaching the top speed that was given in the documentation ( 260 Km/h.) The highest speed was 244 Km/h. That's why they introduced the S-version (after they built 177 cars). It had 15 Hp more power and the top speed was 259 Km/h, it's interior was improved and it had air-outlets in the front-wings. It was the last front engined Lamborghini. (Except the LM-serie)
What the press said:
Martin Buckley, Classic and Sportscar july '94 (Islero & Jarama):
" I loved the pair of them, these underdog, understated Lambo's, especialy the cool black Islero. If only Lamborghini would make something like it again, a raw, aggressive alternative to the 8-series BMW, a front-engined supercar to rival Ferrari's superb 456."

Production no.- 327
Production years - '70-'76
Driven wheels - rear
Place engine - front
No. seats - 2+2
Engine type V12 4 OHC
Engine size (cc) - 3929
Max. power (Hp/Rpm) - 345 / 7800
Max. torque (Nm/Rpm) - 379 / 5500
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