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Aventador S - VelocityAP Exhaust Development Thread

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Hello All,

A lot of excitement over here at VelocityAP HQ. We have had a brand new Aventador 'S' in the shop for the last week.

We installed our cat delete pipes straight away:

Lamborghini Aventador LP700 & LP750 Cat Delete Pipes

Next up was to install our VelocityAP tuning software, both to integrate the cat delete pipes correctly, with no CEL's and also to allow for some moderate pops & crackles & flames!

Then set to work on Valvetronic Exhaust development. The Aventador S exhaust is similar to the earlier cars the start points are the same, with the Triple tip being the largest change. It has also switched over to the Audi R8/Huracan style hangers which have heat shield circlips, rather than having the whole exhaust fully wrapped with pre-formed shields. We will be making a couple versions of this exhaust, including a straight 'Race' XPipe setup for those who want the most minimal setup and no valves.

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Hello All,

Just sold out of these in our Black Friday Sale and have one on back order for a client in the UK. Will be starting another production run shortly.

Email us if you would like us to run one off for your Aventador S!

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Some good flames there.
We may have done a few software adjustments to that one too.... and definitely cat deletes!
Damn that looks and sounds insane!
There certainly isn't a dull moment when driving one of these with our full exhaust & tuning package. You'd better be prepared for some attention!
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