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Aventador Replica? Is this a scam?

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This place claims to give you an Aventador replica starting at $20,000. Knowing this might be better posted on a Dreamer Thread, but hopefully owners of real ones could help me out? These seem too good to be true and look identical to the real thing! They also provide replicas for Ferraris, Audi R8s, Etc. Pretty Sure it might be a scam. Just wandering what you guys think!
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I've heard of kits/replicas like cousin built his own Shelby Cobra.. They look great, but he built his own and it cost him much more then they are asking for these..I'd be careful.....I've never heard of this place..

My opinion only. That and 2 dollars and you can get a small cup of coffee at Starbucks...
Haha yeah, I saw some older kits on ebay for $10,000+ more than these. I really want a the real thing. But looking into a Gallardo for now. Thought it'd be nice to have a look alike for nearly 1/20 of the actual price! Minus the obvious V12 and such.
Yes sir. I understand. I absolutely love my Gallardo. However, some of those kits are pretty nice..
Yeah! I just wish they'd integrate the Aventador Gauge Cluster into the Gallardo. Really makes it that much more irresistible! I mean they have similar ones in $14,000 Dodge Darts! Gives a new age racer look.
Idk about yall but for that price, Id get me one as a daily driver!
Lol you have got to be kidding me! Clearly you MUST know its fake.

If you watch the youtube video on their site they say: "The original Lamborghini (aventador) has a price tag of over 2 million dollars." Which is completely false. The photos all over the site are from a photoshoot SR Autogroup did with PUR wheels (of a real Aventador). The video of their mechanics "assembling the replica" is from a video shot in 2011 where Lamborghini engineers assembled an Aventador inside an art gallery. Everything on that site is fake. Also, if they did make such quality replicas - they probably would have already been sued by Lamborghini like "CAR KIT INC." was for their replicas.
Thanks. I did not know all of that, and I thank you for the intel report. As I did not watch the vids or do any real research, I just felt it did not look as if it would be a good deal....
What with the low cost. Kudos to you...
Leadfoot got it perfectly correct.

Here is the video from Lamborghini building an Aventador in a room

get the real thing. make it happen
whenever it seems too good to be true ...... its bcos its too good to be true.
No disrespect but why would you pay over 10,000 for a imitation car. I couldn't have pride in something like that. Basically lying to people every day you drive it. It's like a pro athlete taking steroids it's illegal for a reason and so should kit cars :evil:
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