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No, the Aventador line replacement in general. The Ultimae is the same as before. I wanted to buy an svj, but with hyped up pricing, I decided to wait it out. Plus the car technology is old and the new replacement will cover everything. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the replacement.

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You are from Texas, correct? I bought my first Evo from Houston Lambourghini. Great guy called Raj. Do you know him?
Yes, though I have bought two (since sold) and am buying a third from the Charlotte dealership. I have had absolutely no luck with the Texas dealerships.

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Mike is referring to what will replace the Aventador as it did the Murcielago.

In 3 years, the successor of the Aventador will be in owners hands (my opinion).

It will most likely be a V12 Hybrid though it might be a different engine.
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