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As we all know the paddles on the gallardo are very small and I wanted to change them to longer style paddles of the aventador or huracan - to make it easier to shift when in a corner - I know KLA do a set however they don’t make them anymore and I couldn’t get hold of a set after trying for around 3 months - I bought a pair of carbon fibre aventador paddles and I went about retrofitting them to my gallardo superleggera…

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there was a lot of fiddling about and I had to slightly modify the bracket so the paddles would sit further forward as if they were installed as a direct replacement the paddles touched the indicator and wiper stalks - I had got good clearance between the stalks however when I got the wheel on I felt like that paddles sat too close to the wheel so I had to take it all off and then make adjustments to get a happy medium between the stalks and the wheel - took a few time however I have got it to a point I’m very happy with.

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Having the perfect clearance between the wheel and the paddles I felt was more important than having the perfect clearance between the paddles and the stalks.
I knew if anything I much prefer the look of these paddles in my SL matching all the carbon - however they also work perfectly.

I do have some video of the paddles working and the clearance etc however not sure how to up load!
Bloody magnificent effort and outcome, I’d almost die for this in my SL too
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