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The Designer is Marko Petrovic:

The Avenger is a design study of a vertical tourbillion concept watch. It has been made to pay the tribute to Italian bull. The design language follow the existing Lamborghini Aventador, taking inspiration from the rear part-open space engine area, transferring it all in to an unusual timepiece.
The main idea was to transfer that complex but still highly aesthetic engineering in to something other than vehicle but still close to it. Vertical tourbillion mechanism seemed perfect in this case, following the design in presenting something that seems as a cover of a Lamborghini engine, but instead of showing a glimpse of Lamborghini engine technology, it shows the complexity of this vertical mechanism. The main touch is an imitation of an engine roll bar (same as in aventador) that in this case holds the central loop glass, increasing the hour time. This watch present something that is obviously Lamborghini.

A concept for now but pretty sweet imho
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