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Hey so Im starting to close in on an AV specifically the SV, maybe an S. Im curious, can you connect to bluetooth? Does it have apple car play? How are the sensorium speakers compared to the regular ones?

Please let me know any info you have thanks.
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The S is supposed to have Apple Car Play, although it isn’t working for me at present on my 2017. However, I see that my car got an update for it in 2018 so it should be there. AppleCar Play works fine on my friends 2018 S. They do have Bluetooth for hands free cell phone use, but not for music. There is an MMI adapter many people buy that plugs into a port in the glove box that adds Bluetooth for music, and it works just fine. I have the Sensorium upgraded stereo and I think it’s pretty good, but I’ve never had cars with super high end aftermarket systems to compare it to. It’s got strong base and sounds ok to me. This is all about the S models, I know nothing about the SV, but the S was the first one to offer Apple Car Play and Android Auto was added in 2018.
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