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Anyone want Huracan rims in la?

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It's a long story short. I had ordered some rims for my Gallardo. From a company I won't write here but you can see from the photos.

It took two months with very little communication and finally the rims came in and I drove down to pick them up. When I finally brought them home they were not the correct offset. I contacted the owner and he said he accidentally sent me huracan rims/ offsets and he was going to fix the mistake.

It's now been about 6 months, and haven't received my new rims. And these rims are taking up space in my garage.

So at this point I would rather take my losses. And just want these out of my garage.

If anyone with a huracan in the LA area would like some free rims.

Feel free to DM me.

Not asking for any money but if you want to shoot me some I'm not going to say no. But just happy to get them out of the garage.

The size is 20x9 in the front and 20x11 in the rear.

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Wild. What did you pay for them? Any idea how I can get them to chicago without damage?
I had a friend that actually ordered quite a bit from them without any issue and he was able to talk them into giving me a pretty good discount. So I'm in for about 1650.

And yeah no clue how to ship rims. But I don't think it's going to be cheap. That's why I put LA area so someone can just drive down and pick them up and not have to put a bunch of money out
That IS a deal. If I’m not mistaken I paid close to $10k for Vossen wheels.
So I'm in for about 1650.
For all 4 or each one?
Do you still have the rims? I visit family in LA.
i'll take em if still available and DM Sent
Eottiger just grabbed them for his new Technica.

Thanks everyone for helping me get these out of my garage
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Glad they went to a good home and someone who will use them vs take for free and resell. You’re a great person!
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Group Buy! @raven_craft should collect orders from everyone who wants a set. :)
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