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Anyone remove US airbag stickers from the visors

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I just removed the awful and large airbag stickers from my f8. These have mild sticky and were Stiched in place so I removed with a micro stitch cutter and they came right off the leather visors. The ones in my 2022 urus are not as bad (much smaller) but I think would still look better without them. They appear to be stuck on so I assume a heat gun and some leather cleaner willl do the trick. Anyone do this?
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I kept the stock stickers in place. It's needed for state inspection and also the jealous cops here can cite me for missing that piece of sticker. When I was in the States I believe I removed them with isopropyl alcohol.
I did that once. Served 7 years in prison. It’s a mild punishment compared to the gang in cell block H, they’re serving 10 years for removing their mattress tags.
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I always use a steamer to remove them. Some of those buggers can be pesky
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