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Hi There,

I am from Cooper Film Cars a division of the renowned Cooper Classics, Ltd in Manhattan. We provide vehicles for film, television, fashion shoots, magazines, and Special events.
We are the oldest Company in the Business now in our 28th year! Our company is Licensed and Insured unlike others - beware! There is no charge to be listed with us.

Cooper Film Cars will act as an agent for your vehicle, placing it in fashion shoots, advertisements, films and commercials. We have the largest clientele and so we will submit your vehicle and if the client is interested in using your vehicle we will call you to go over the details of the shoot and see if you are interested and available. Your vehicle will be fully insured under our insurance and the clients. It will be treated with the utmost care and respect. A copy of our insurance and the client’s insurance binder will be available to you prior to any shoot. You are welcome to stay with your vehicle for the duration of the shoot to ensure that it is treated to your satisfaction. You will be paid for the rental and your time. Payment is determined by location of shoot, length of shoot, and use of your vehicle.

Additional benefits are increasing the vehicles provenance, value, possible tax write-offs, and seeing your vehicles in Print or on Screen.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and remember if you need any help with your Exotic be glad to assist you!

Voted “BEST” in New York by "New York Magazine" and "Time Out New York"

For more info give us a call at 212-929-3909 or 1-800-719-3909 [email protected]
Thank you,
Cooper Film Cars
Cooper Classics, Ltd
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