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I am new here and always been a Lamborghini fan. (I have a picture of me next to one when I was 6) I only have a 700+hp C5 Corvette
Anyhow, I am not working for Palm Beach Supercar weekend but since I am going I am curious to see how many members on here are coming or going to try to come? Its at a 40+million dollar house in Palm Beach. A lot of intresting well off people will be there. I know there are a few Murc and Enzo's have already pre-reg. Maybe that is one or two of you.
I know Ben on this forum has an amazing Lamborghini, maybe he will show up since he is semi-local.

Jon Pine
Not trying to Spam your forum. Just seeing who is coming. Mods can move this post if its in the wrong section.
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