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Out for a drive on Saturday. lovely warm winter day in Spain. Entered a small town and had to drive down a one way street to get to the main exit from the town.

This led to a small crossroads, I had to go straight across but it was two way, and only enough space for one car at a time.
The car coming towards me stopped to look at my car, blocking off my route, by this time the car was surrounded by about 50 people all taking pictures etc. then all the drivers, that were by this time stuck in the jam that had now started, got out of the their cars to look at the problem. Then they all went back to their cars to get their cameras !!
Then, at the back of, by this time a BIG jam, they started honking their horns ( well it is Spain after all)
EVENTUALLY, the police were called by someone. It took about half an hour to get me out of the place and I got escorted out of town to prevent any more blocks.

It´s only a Countach after all !!

What a laugh, I cannot imagine ANY other car in the world causing this type of reaction, Ferrari or other type of Lambo ( sorry Murcie and Gallardo owners )
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