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Any NEW STO Allocations?

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I am wondering if anyone has received or been promised an upcoming STO allocation. My dealer was told he was getting 2 allocations and has only received one so far. That one has already been delivered. He said is still waiting for the second one which will be mine if it ever happens. I am just curious if new STO allocations are still be given to dealers.
Thanks, Russ
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Yea but good luck getting them to include an oil change and some other things done on newer cars. They now use some algorithm to decide if your car gets certain things done at service even if service schedule shows it should be done. They refused to do my first year oil change even though it had been over a year
The price of oil would put Lamborghini out of business if they did free oil changes … heck I’d argue the opposite… get the vehicle in, and the shop will upsale everything else(golf shirts, detailing, accessories, etc).
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