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Hey everyone,

We are proud to announce a new member to our Adventure series. Antigravity PS-45!

The Antigravity PS-45 is an extremely compact, lightweight Lithium-Ion Portable Power Station that offers a best-in-class 45,000mAh of capacity and a wide variety of output ports. Charge and power Phones, Tablets, GPS Units, Cameras, Laptop Computers, Camp Lighting and much more. This is the most compact power station available with this much capacity!

With multiple USB and 12V outputs along with an AC outlet, you can conveniently keep most all your electronic devices charged up, including the MICRO-START and other mini jump-starters.

The PS-45 comes with 5 Power Ports,
2 - 12v DC outputs
2 – QC USB outputs
AC output

You can recharge the PS-45 in two ways!
Just plug it into the wall,
Recharge from the sun!

The PS-45 power station is easily recharged by wall outlet (cable included) or by using a compatible solar panel. (Check Antigravity Solar Panels too)
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