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We are happy to say that we have shipped another Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar Murcielago clutch to Dubai.

Our customer wanted to get a clutch that lasts longer than an OEM. He also wanted to make sure that the engagement is smooth. So we put him in contact with some of our other customers who had bought our Murcielago Kevlar clutch. He was satisfied with the feedback from our other customers.

After hearing all the positive feedbacks, he decided to buy our Murcielago Kevlar clutch. I will have him post his feedback here.

As always, we start with a brand new clutch, not a worn out clutch like our competitors. That is one of the reasons that our Murcielago Kevlar clutch doesn't chatter and lasts up to 300% longer than an stock clutch. Our Murcielago Kevlar clutch is made out of high quality Kevlar material, same Kevlar material that's used in aerospace industry.

You can read more about our Kevlar clutches here:

Kevlar Clutches | Hi Tech Exotic

Here are some pictures of our Kevlar clutch.

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