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It was my pleasure! I can easily admit it was more than stressful "Clutch shopping" I go with stock since it's obviously proven and hope it lasts longer? Do I spend a little more and get a not as well known Kevlar clutch and hope I get double the clutch life? I spend even more and get a kevlar clutch that has a proven track record with a warranty?

Many late nights on the forum researching and even speaking to owners of various different brands of clutches and even the owners of a few clutch companies who were all very friendly and helpful. At the end of the day I spoke with Sean and he sold me on the warranty he provides...and the fact that he's never actually had to honor it since his clutches haven't failed yet (this is what actually hit home with me).

Service was outstanding, after speaking with Sean and agreeing what clutch to order I had a tracking number with in 48 hours. After sales support was great as well, it's comforting to know you have some support after the fact. Sean sent me torque specs, advice on the throw out upgrade as well as offering to price match and beat the price I received on the LP throw out, he contacted me during the install and break in to make sure all was going smoothly.

Install was effortless and the break in went well, initially engagement seemed smoother/positive and a lot lighter pedal feel (it's a 6 sp manual car)...breaking in a clutch in a new to you Lamborghini is a massively painful process but worth it for long clutch soon as I was able to open the car up it was wide smiles for days.

Anyways, if anyone is having doubts on whether or not Sean or Hi Tech Exotic is the real deal I can assure you they are...I would put one of his clutches in my cars again no questions asked. If anyone with a gallardo in Alberta is needing a clutch or wants to check this one out just shoot me a PM and id be glad to show it off.

Here is hoping to many miles of V10 goodness and no longer worrying about eating up clutches :wave:
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