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We are happy to say that we have shipped another Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar clutch to Melbourne, Australia.

Because of recent events, our customer wanted to talk and meet one of our previous customers. I told him that we have a customer who has been very happy with our Kevlar clutch. He lives in Melbourne, Australia. He met and talked to our customer. He even drove his Gallardo and stated that our Kevlar clutch drives as smooth as an OEM.

He also wanted to make sure that Lamborghini Melbourne will install our Kevlar clutch. Lamborghini Melbourne told him that they have installed many Kevlar clutches from different companies and the only one that worked perfectly was Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar clutch. The other Kevlar clutches from different companies were so bad that they had to take them out. They will only install Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar clutch.

After he was assured that our Kevlar clutch functions so smoothly, he decided to buy our Kevlar clutch. He decided to have Lamborghini Melbourne to install the clutch. I asked him for some pictures and if he would kindly post here.

Here are some pictures that our customer took of Lamborghini Melbourne.

I will also have him post his feedback here. Here is more feedbacks from our other satisfied customers.

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