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Another Ebay Lambo Scam!

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What is it lately. I was looking at ebay this am and saw a black on black '95 Diablo for sale. The same exact one that Don L. Leasing has for sale AT THE SAME TIME ON THE SAME PAGE. He stole all the same pictures Don L. is using, has no reserve and just above where the vehicle pictures start it says;

On Oct-02-04 at 09:39:03 PDT, seller added the following information:

"I will sell the car for 20K"

There is no reserve on it either and people are bidding on it. It is also a 1 day auction. That seems to be the biggest red flag on these things however. If it is listed for only i day beware. Wonder if Don L. knows what's going on?
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Most, if not all those accounts where stolen via e-mail spoofing. Moral of the story, even if you get an official looking e-mail from eBay, do not click on any of the links on the e-mail and enter any information, including you password. If you think that it is an authentic e-mail from eBay, open up a new browers and type in "" then press enter.
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