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Thank you everyone for this past 2018 year and cheers to the new and hopefully prosperous 2019 to all of you!

I just wanted to start out and mention that I try to keep up with this forum and others ones, but there is so many threads to read and comment on that if I had the time on here to post every single sale I would never ever get any work done. One of my most new resent clients I took care of brought this to my attention. Was mentioned that he wished he would have known of me before purchasing from elsewhere on his parts needs. He paid 2X the amount than what he would have if he came to me first and truly regrets it. I mostly stay away from the clutch parts drama a few of the sponsors on here try to stir up about their product being much more superior to the others. I just want to reaffirm to all that ECT is a worldwide leader in Lamborghini OEM and kevlar / ceramic clutches at the best possible prices. I use the highest of quality materials in every clutch designs and I do not mark up the profit 1000% as do some of the competitors. The ECT brand doesn't lie and many of the service shops and individuals on this forum know the truth!

When it comes to AMH Exotic Parts and Exotic Clutch Technologies, no other company or individual can compete in this market with the volume of automotive parts and clutches I sell OEM and my ECT brand together. I would say that almost all of my customers throughout the last 20 plus years I still deal with to this day and are as happy as they were when they found me. Sometimes yes you can get a better price somewhere else but it never compares to the personalization I give to everyone of my customers whether you buy a couple dollars in parts or many thousands!

I will always do my best to provide you with in stock, off the shelves auto parts at the quickest and cheapest way. This is why I deal with all of the largest dealer suppliers through the US and Europe for every Manufacturing brand of car. From Lamborghini to all of your other car needs I can help you for sure. Thank you for all the support, it is truly appreciated!!!:wave:
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