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I got my Gallardo.

If you've read my previous thread you'll know the trouble I had with my old dealer. And that I've been waiting for my car since February.

But I got my deposit back. Found a car. Flew to Germany the next day. And after a nightmare with the dealer (Main dealer) which I'll explain later (price increase, 1 day trip turned into a 5 day trip, etc), I drove my car back :)))))))))))))).

And what a drive :) Northern Germany to Holland, Ferry to Harrwich and 100 miles to West London (home). Only regret was I couldn't take full advantage of the de-restricted Auto Bahn, because of the first 1k mile run-in restrictions.

I'll post some pictures later, but here's a description:

Black leather, with red stitching
Sat Nav
Heated Seats

BTW they had a nice collection of cars at the dealership:

Gallardo (Silver, Black, Orange, Yellow)
Murci (Yellow)
Diablo GTR (Yellow. Girlfriend couldn't believe "anybody would buy something this ugly" - lol)
DB9 (Silver, Black. Didn't like it in black at all, hides all the lines)
Vanquish (Black)
456 (My dealers car. Silver, was driven around in it all week)
550 (Various)
575 (Various)
360 Modena (About 7 of them)
360 Spider (About 5 of them)
360 CS (Red. In for repair, front spoiler had met with something sturdy)
612 (Dark Blue. Looks better in the flesh. But still very ungainly. Perhaps it was the dark colour. But if it didnt have the badge it wouldnt have a chance).
Some Masers and a Bugatti.

But I was in such a hurry to get over there, I left my digicam on the coffee table (dont know why I bought that f*****g thing, I never remember to take it anywhere. Worse still my bro's bought one of those tiny Panasonic solid state storage video cameras. And on our last 6 trips neither of us has remembered to take either camera :confused: )

Anyway I digress.

Love the car. E-gear is great, no probs in traffic or ferry ramp (abt 45+ incline). Sat nav took me all the way home without any f-ups. Had it since Tuesday and still keep popping outside to look at it. Any excuse to drive it. The Sound blows me away, and anyone standing on the street :).

P.S. The dealer told me he got 23 mpg on two he drove back. Ofcourse I thought BS. But I got abt the 21+ mpg, still dont believe it (My BMW only does 30-33).

Ok, I'm off to look at the car again.

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5to1, congratulations. It sounds almost exactly how I'd like to option my own G out next year.

As Tom said, take some pics, particularly of the interior with the NAV on. Not many good pics of that unit as it hasn't been available for long.

Nice job.

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Its been pissing down over here all day yesterday, so I havent had a chance to take any decent pics.

I did some quick videos yesterday of the car and the Sat Nav in operation, as requested Mako. But the file type .asf isnt allowed and the size limit for zips is only 146kb. So I cant upload them.

Should I just take pics, or can a MOD help me upload them?

Also if anyone has any questions in particular about the navi system i'll try and answer them.

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Got em John, they're great. The SatNav is the business there's no doubt about that...and the TV mode is sweet, does the computer allow it to function when it senses vehicle motion? Over here they lock them out, or don't offer the feature at all.

Two notes on playing these videos people:

1. They won't stream, so RIGHT-CLICK on the link itself and select "SAVE TARGET AS" to put them locally on your own hard drive.

2. John sent along some codec instructions if you're still having trouble:

"They are .asf files, so u need mpeg4 and g.726 codec."

My advice: Go download Windows Media Player 10 if you haven't already done so.

John's Gallardo's Satellite Navigation Unit in Action

John's Gallardo, fast side view

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When you start moving it blanks out the TV picture and displays a safety announcement. Cant remember the exact wording, picture hidden for safety reasons blah blah blah. The sound stays on though. I'm sure you could reflash the firmware to get over this if you really wanted to.

It also has a Teletext feature, the guys in Europe will know what i mean. Thats what I'll probably use the TV for (checking football scores etc). Was very impressed with the picture quality.

The front screen flips open to show the two SD slots (MP3) and DVD (NAVI CD, which covers Europe). So you can pop a cd in without having to go to the changer in the trunk. I think you can also burn MP3's onto DVD and play them. So with the SD and DVD you can get close to 10GB for MP3.

Plus I saw mention of AV slots in one of the menus. Which means you can put other devices on it. Reverse camera, PC with wireless keyboard, or whatever else floats ur boat.

All in all its a very good system. Only thing its missing is bluetooth, but you can probably get an adapter since it does have a telephone function.

And as for the car........

When I was considering buying it my friend was telling me I was stupid and I should buy a house or something instead. Well he popped around the day I came home with it. And after being lost for words for 10 mins, all he could say was..

"oh my f****** god, I take it all back dude, you were right. What was I thinking, its fu***** amazing"


I think that about sums it up.

Now that I know they worked, I'll take some better clips tomorrow.

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You've been straight with me in the past JR, as I have always been with you, but I certainly find your cryptic response in this thread lacking.

Where do you come down on this issue, let's see it. Are you with Jay in claiming I was "underhanded" and trying to throw L-talk under the bus with some sort of pissant and petty L-talk versus the world mentality?

Or do you take my words to be legitimate as I posted before you deleted it?

You've read the post, where do you personally come down?

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I come down on the side of a useless pissing contest Free LTalk...!!!

I always have, so I have not deviated one iota from the first day I opened this site. I also don't particularly favor the highjacking of threads.

I personally think you shook the tree to see what would fall out!!! Now you know!!!

The directors saw this coming and have discussed it as I mentioned, we were all in agreement that we're not really interested in childish or unsocial behaviour. As big as LTalk is we're still a pretty tight knit group because we treat others with respect and gladly share with others to evangelize Lambos ourselves. Believe it or not to insure LTalk keeps the Community vibrant and attractive to the largest following, important issues go to the Directorship so a large cross section of our members can express their opinions on important matters. Soooooo.....if it looks like duck & quacks like a duck...????

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Well I guess that's where it comes down then.

I won't take up any of L-talk's time.

For the record though before I go, I want you to know that you were wrong.

I guess I just got a bit too excited about the SatNav footage, which I've personally been waiting to see for nearly a year. I'm a techie, to me that stuff is great, geek heaven. I didn't forsee any of this political nonsense coming this morning, or what my cross-posting the links to the rest of the car boards I frequent would do to a clearly paranoid staff caught up in some sort of holy war with Allan.

To be honest, I actually thought people would post words of gratitude for my hosting of the videos. lol, how stupid does that sound now? No good deed ever goes unpunished...the cliche is true. I had no idea this would be percieved as a slight.

I've been one of the best posters this site has ever had. Trying to provide facts, figures, information, stats, etc, as a non-owner, whenever possible. Promoting Lamborghini, and L-talk in general. I never had anything but the best intentions, and never had anything bad to say about this site, or the people who run it.

I wish you all the best, you're a great group of people. Thanks for the memories! :)

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And why is that? Because I'm posting avidly on L-power, trying to jumpstart another Lambo-specific site? Like I did here for nearly a year, posting frequently to try and allow L-talk to attain better traffic levels?

That's why the directors thought it "would go this way"?

Let me pose a question then to the group: If there were no bitter political nonsense going on, and this IDENTICAL turn of events had happened, only L-power didn't exist, would they still have thought it would go a certain way?

Would they still have sent me malicious private messages questioning my intentions, my character, everything? Would they?


I did nothing wrong. I was trying to be nice and post some videos, and believe me when I tell you that it pains me to be thought of in this way by a community that I care about. There was no "agenda". There was just a guy excited by the Gallardo's SatNav.

What a waste.
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