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Adding Oil - 610-4

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Hi, i am new to the Lamborghini world. Just got a 610-4 last month w/about 30K miles. Was driving around a bit today, and the low oil light came on, so i pulled over in 2-3 mins and turned the car off.

Curious on 3 dumb questions (no manual was in the car):

1) Is there an actual dipstick in this car to check current oil level?
2) What oil should i get, is the Castrol ll03 5w30 still the right one.
3) Normal for these cars to burn oil? Driving it around a bit today on the highway i could smell some oil burning.

Thanks so much!
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1. Yup! Should see it close to you once you open the engine bay. Some cars are picky about checking while hot or cold.., for Huracán you're supposed to check while the engine's warm.
2. 5W-30.
3. You're the first owner I've seen mention burning oil under normal driving. Would recommend having that checked, especially if you still have a warranty of some kind. Could be lots of reasons and not a red flag per sé, but it shouldn't be happening.
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