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Make a fair offer and it’s yours!

Selling a like-new, perfect working condition Actia XS+ and two OBD II Cables (work with Murcielago from 2008 on, Pre-LP Gallardo, and LP Gallardo).

When I say “like new” I mean it. It even comes with the box, etc.

This is the extremely hard to find adapter and OEM cable that you need to hook up a LARA system to your Lamborghini.

It's the only setup that will work with the Lamborghini. The only way to normally get it is to have a relationship with a dealership, etc. as they do not sell to random people. It was a lot of work to get this and it works perfectly.

All you need once you have this is a laptop with a serial port and a copy of the LARA software. There are posts on here about how to get the LARA software, but that's all I'll say. The bottleneck has always been this adapter + the OEM OBDII cables.

Again, this is an AUTHENTIC Actia XS+ with working OBDII cables. The Chinese copies do not work. The ones without the correct firmware do not work. Trust me, I've tried.

Asking $4250 OBO shipped in the continental US. I used it for what I needed (eGear snap, Bleeding my system, etc.) and am done with it. I just want to recoup some of my costs.

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