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About to buy my first Lambo! Hopefully

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Hey everyone馃憢馃徎

So hopefully about to buy my first Lambourghini Gallardo this weekend, been watching out and have seen one I like. Its an orange LP560-4 Spyder with just over 30k on the clock, 2011 year.

Before committing to the asking price I have requested a clutch reading be done, I have priced a new clutch labour and parts from Lambo and its came back at 拢7500, so just want to make sure there is at least 50% left on the clutch before purchase. Is it only lambo that can do this reading, or can ex lambo mechanics do this?

I've been reading up and I believe 2010 onwards is the best as this is when audi took over. The one I have seen has the reversing camera and also front lift. I'm 29 at the end of the month, I work for myself and I have managed to save up enough & also took some finance to purchase the car, really looking forward to hopefully getting it this weekend and maybe even get out a couple of times before the bad weather.

Just looking for some advice really, when I view the car is there anything I should be looking out for? and also looking for your positive stories as well! I'm buzzing and can't wait, my house cost less than what I'll be paying for this car, but my minds made up, you only live once!

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks, hopefully I won't regret it either! I'm sure I won't.

Yeah I have read that, I've also heard your better driving in sport mode all the time and changing with the pedal shift to increase the life of the clutch, as automatic is more hard wearing. When will you know the clutch needs done, would it start slipping? I'm getting a clutch reading before purchasing but after I buy it, I don't want to be paying for a clutch reading every year unless I really have to.

Ive got enough in reserves for emergencies and a new clutch for when the time comes, going to work my ass off in the meantime and try get some more money saved up anyway.

With regards to the ppi, few forums on here that were saying they aren't worth the paper they are written on. The car is situated over 3+ hours away from closest Lambo dealer, so difficult to try and get one prior to buying the car, I could get one done after purchase myself, but that kind of defeats the purpose, although I could go back to the garage that sold it if they're were any major problems. Whats does the ppi take into account?

Let's see some pictures of your current cars?

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