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A few Q's about the Gallardo's...

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I'm looking into a Gallardo and have a few questions:

1. Engine Management - What is used? Can it be tuned?

2. Turbo Systems - Anyone have a turbo system or SC power adder? Any good tuners that members would recommend? I see a kit on Hennessey's website for the Gallardo for 700HP.

3. How much HP can the Clutch, E-Gear, and Tranny hold??? Can it hold over 700HP?

4. Any HIGH HP Lambo's out there??

5. What about Fuel System, Injectors, etc?? What is Max HP supported by current fuel system configuration? Injector size? Pump's, Lines, Pressure regulator??

6. Is there a good website to research the V10 in the Gallardo?

My goal is to build a high HP street Lambo. I think the V10 platform would be great to turbo charge.

Thanks for any feedback!


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Hi Spool, Also Welcome aboard, as our 1000 member we award you with the first ever LT 10 Day no Ban Award!!!! :D (damn I crack myself up sometimes :))

The member who has devleved the deepest into TC is Wayne Skiles
...I beleive from reading his posts that he has a Computer for TC in the works!!!!!
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