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I am going into detail below to look into the signal sent by the compressors relay pin 87 as this will help ECU to adjust/maintain the right advance when your compressor is ON or OFF

I flipped my compressor relay and saw pin 87 at the base is empty ! Does anyone know or work on this before ?
From the wiring diagram seems that it’s a HR ( Grey/ red) wire goes out from Relay 19 Pin 87 to 95 ( lambda ) .

Have you worked on this and can share more info ? The issue with Diablo on this compartment fuse box is that there are many versions of fuse box and the wiring diagrams are not accurate .

This is how my fuse box version 94 VT looks like . And I also need the info on the 2 relays I circled in blue , all the wiring diagrams that I have are without the 2 relays .
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