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We've just finished up a great week. We shipped the last 3 of 10 Gallardo Kevlar clutches that we sold in a group buy. These last 3 were shipped to Germany, Australia and Dubai.

As always, we start with brand new clutches. We modify them with stronger materials and Hi Quality Kevlar discs. Our set up is the best in the industry. That's why our Gallardo Kevlar clutches don't chatter. Our competitor's Gallardo Kevlar clutches chatter and fail because they use very cheap Kevlar material and don't set it up correctly. Our Gallardo Kevlar clutch is actually smoother than a stock clutch, in both E-gear and 6 speed manual. Same thing goes for our Murcielago Kevlar clutch. Our Murcielago Kevlar clutch is also smoother than a stock clutch and shifts faster at 7-8k rpm.

As you can see in the pictures, we bought 10 brand new clutches. You can see quantity 10 on a sticker from Lamborghini. You can also see Technical Certificate papers from Lamborghini. You will only get those if you buy a brand new one.

You can read more of our happy customer's feedback here:

You can also read more about our Kevlar clutches here:

Kevlar Clutches | Hi Tech Exotic


Here is the sticker that shows that 10 brand new "F" series clutch was shipped to us.


Here are the Technical Certificates from Lamborghini.

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