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22 EVO RWD finally arrived w/ timeline!

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Like a few others on here recently, my '22 EVO RWD was delivered to me a couple of weeks ago. First Lamborghini and first car ever purchased brand new.

Figured I would share for those waiting and observing. Full spec, timeline and pics below!

Spec - Huracan EVO RWD Coupe
APSH1 - Ad Personam Shiny Colour - Rosso Efesto
WT4 - Lifestyle + Driver Pack
P71 - Narvi 20inch Forged Shiny Black
PC5 - Carbon Ceramic Brakes + Black Calipers
W10 - Style Package High Gloss Black
W0I - EVO Trim- Sportivo Leather Unicolour
YCS - Coloured Stitching
0TN - Floor Mats w/ Leather Piping and Double Stitching
YS0 - Optional Stitching on Steering Wheels
PV6 - New Sport Seat (Standard Size)
NR7 - Embroidered Lamborghini Shield on Headrest
PH8 - Small Forged Composites Package
YA0 - Rooflining and A-Pillars in Alcantara for Basic

9VK - Sensonum Lamborghini Sound System
PB9 - Smartphone Interface and Connected Services
4U1 - Travel Net
8T2 - Cruise Control System

Dec 29, 2021 - Deposit Placed
Jan 11, 2022 - Received "Assignment Notification" email
Jan 25 - SA emailed privacy agreement notification
Feb 28 - Spec submitted (added small forged carbon, removed AdP rear diffuser in black)
Mar 31 - Received Unica Invitation
XXX XX - Allocation received somewhere in between here.
May 06 - SA confirmed "Start of Production" status
Jul 21 - SA confirmed "VIN Assigned" status
Aug 29 - Received Unica "Connected Car" notification in app.
Sep 06 - SA confirmed car is in transit to Halifax
Sep 10 - tracked SIEM CICERO departing from Emden due in Halifax Sep 20
Sep 20 - SIEM CICERO arrives in Halifax
Sep 28 - Car boards enclosed transported for dealer.
Oct 11 - Delivered to dealer
Oct 14 - Delivered to PPF installer
Oct 27 - Delivered back to dealer
Oct 29 - Mounted winter tires so I could drive it home... lol.
Oct 31 - Delivered to me.

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