Posting up my 1:1 spec'd 2022 Urus - with 2700 miles, may go up regularly due to weekend driving.
This started with an Italian flag spec, Verde Mantis Exterior, Bianco/ Nero interior and Red Seatbelts.
Window sticker is attached in the picture - please view the google link for all pictures.

1 owner / original owner

I opted to do a 1016 Widebody Kit - but the kit was done properly with a lot of additional fabrication (took 3 months) to give it a flush
and factory finish and perfect paint match. The kit was fully molded and installed, then removed, prepped, painted and then reinstalled.
No time or expense spared. The only thing not fitting 100% is the hood, which is a very common issue with 1016,
but I have a new hood that should be getting fitted in the next week or so - hoping its a better finish.

This Urus is on 23" wheels, has the panoramic roof, and the park assist system.

Miles 2700+/-
Price :$335,000
Financing via Putnam - transaction will be facilitated by them

Click the link for high quality pictures : Urus

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, have bought and sold a few cars here in the past.


[email protected]