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2022 Lamborghini Urus
Exterior - Blu Cepheus
Interior - Nero Ade / Bianco Leda
Mileage - 558
Total Options $61,298

Ad Personam Paint $13,384.00
Style Package 1 – High $3,404.00
Spoiler Posteriore in Nero $506.00
23” Taigete Rims $5,358.00
Yellow Calipers $1,262,00
Door Puddle Lights $651.00
Big Interior Carbon $5,303.00
Big Interior Carbon Rear $1,010.00
Black Anodized Trim $584.00
Seats in Leather $3,321.00
Bicolor Sportivo Seats $2,526.00
4-Seat Configuration $3,788.00
Full Electric Comfort Seats $3,157.00
Embroidered Lamborghini Shield $956.00
Stitching option $733.00
Optional Stitching on $414.00
Floor Mats Leather Piping $690.00
Perforated Leather Steering Wheel $1,321.00
Ambient Light Package $3,132.00
Panoramic Roof $2,848.00
Advance 3D Bang & Olufsen $6,313.00
Off-Road modes $673.00

Clear PPF
Black PPF Roof
Ceramic Coating - Exterior
Ceramic Coating - Leather
Window Tint

Financing available through dealership that can take your trade-in to get your tax credit.
Owned in MT LLC that can be sold for tax benefit.