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Finally got to run the G on a strip - albeit only 1/8 mile street.
Port Road Drags Wellington have been going for 54 years STRAIGHT and NEVER been rained off or cancelled.
BUT man, it was close this year.
It pissed down all the night before and the boys were setting up the strip in the pouring rain at around 6am on Sunday just in case it cleared up and sure enough, around 11am-ish it went from a winters day to one of the best summers days we have had for a long time.
I was lucky to make the cut as I was the last to arrive and got there as the drivers briefing was finishing up - lucky I know the organiser.
First run was against a 2018 Huracan Performante and I killed him off the line but around halfway he blew past me like I was going backwards.
Second run was against a Supercharged Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk 700hp - enough said......
Last run was against a late 5.0 Mustang with sticky tyres and mild mods.
The last run the Launch mode finally worked and as soon as I hit 2nd gear the car went sideways front end towards the safety barrier, I got it back and then the rear end shot left towards the barrier - all still within my lane, I then caught it again, straightened up and nailed it for a 10.5 ET. ( the slowest car of the day was 14.0 so I dont feel so bad )
Best time I got was 8.60 but I possibly could have grabbed an 8.40 if I hadnt lost it on the third run as the initial launch was brutal.
Unfortunately the day was cut short as a 55 Chev Doorslammer did a burnout, lost it and took out a safety barrier and injured a spectator, which shut us down.
I definately want to do a 1/4 mile run now but I need to fit some R888's that everyone keeps harping on about.
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