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Hello all! I am a first time Huracan owner and sadly I am off to a bad start. My baby was delivered from CO on Thursday and as they rolled it out of the trailer, I noticed the rear-view mirror dangling off of the windshield. I thought maybe it just came loose but after further inspection, the whole mirror including the bracket came off the window during transit. It looks like the glue or rubber seal gave way and the whole thing is just dangling from the wires. See pictures. Now I have a detached mirror dangling and glue and seal on the windshield, which I cannot get off.

Any thoughts or advice on how to fix and reattach this thing? It appears to be two separate pieces, a base and the mirror which clicks on the base. I am concerned that there is going to be damage to wires by it hanging in mid-air which I assume control the auto dimming and maybe the compass, similar to other vehicles. I tried searching all the forums but it looks like I am the only one with this issue. Figures....Thank you in advance for the advice/assistance.


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