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2015 Huracan 610-4 - downshift noise

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Just wanted to check something, not had the car long and not sure if I just didn't notice it originally or indeed, whether it's totally normal!

I've noticed when manually downshifting, there's a noticeable sound from the rear (not sure exactly where from) - it's like a short 'clunk' before the overrun and the burbles. The noise isn't present with automatic downshifting or when manually upshifting. I'm only mentioning it as I didn't notice it when I first got it, maybe just because I was too overwhelmed :)


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A lot of the time when you see no responses to a post it's because the original post wasn't worded correctly, and I think that may have been the case with mine. So, let me put it another way - when upshifting, it's as smooth as silk, you hear nothing but the change in engine note. When manually downshifting though, there's a noticeable noise as you do it a fraction of a second before you hear the engine, I mentioned above it's like a 'clunk' but it's almost more like a 'whoosh' (hard to explain). Just interested in whether this is normal for downshifts? Running with the factory-fitted race exhaust. Again, you don't hear this in Auto mode when it downshifts, only in manual.
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