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2015 Huracán Roof Creaking

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I've been looking a 2015 Huracan with 30k miles at a local Lamborghini dealership. The price is sub $200k. The car has some light wear and tear on the front, interior, etc, but otherwise seems to be in good condition with once exception:

When coming off a drive way, the roof makes a creaking / popping noise. It's very noticeable. The sales person at the dealer said it's the ceiling glue separating from the headliner. They indicated it's not something they are going to be able to fix.

Is this something they should be able to fix? Is this something that would make the car not re-sellable? There isn't a lot of used inventory and I'm not sure how much this matters overall, since it happens in limited circumstances.

Appreciate the help.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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