2008 Gallardo intake manifold complete with throttle bodies and intake runner actuators. I swapped this intake onto my 2004 Gallardo when I installed the Syvecs plug and play system since the original throttle bodies are not supported on that system. Part numbers included are (2) 07D 133 062 throttle bodies, (2) 07L133206D lower manifolds, (1) 07L129565B manifold and (1) 07L133433G cover. The runner actuators are Land Rover ETC7150's which are readily available and brackets have been modified to accommodate. I can include a couple new spare actuators that I had on hand. I ran a simplified vacuum system on car so some ports on the intake are plugged.

I also have a 04-05 upper intake and cover part numbers 07L129565 and 07L133433C cover - contact me for pics if interested. $1500