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Just wrapped up the build of yet another ECT Dual Friction™ Ceramic/Kevlar hybrid clutch assembly for a 2005 E-gear Gallardo. I just quickly snapped this picture with my cell phone. I will update this thread in the next week or two with pictures of the actual install as it progresses (and better product photos lol).

If you're not familiar, this is the clutch assembly we designed quite some time ago as an answer to the E-gear system for Gallardo's. The heat generated by the slippage of the PIS settings used by e-gear cars can at times cause inconsistent performance with standard Kevlar clutches as the properties of the material vary greatly depending on the temperature of said material. We address this issue on Murcielago's by using our proprietary ECT Kevlar segmented disc which keeps the surface temp much cooler than the full faced Kevlar that others offer.
For the Gallardo though, it uses a twin disc 10.5" assembly. The use of two discs allows for other solutions. So, for engaging, we use a proprietary multi-puck Ceramic disc. It's the exposed disc you see above and in the pictures we have posted numerous times of the ECT Dual Friction™ clutch assembly. Under that Ceramic disc, it uses a Kevlar disc. Your standard Kevlar clutch for a Gallardo is Kevlar/Kevlar. Ours is a hybrid Ceramic/Kevlar. The multi-puck ceramic disc has extremely consistent properties whether it's cool or very hot from performance environments, slippage, etc. This gives consistently smooth engagement with the e-gear setup.

This is the assembly we have had great success with for the exotic car rental business. They need something that acts like stock but withstands the abuse their customers will put it through. Feel free to shoot us a message or call with any questions regarding the product. I'll be uploading the pics of the whole process to this thread as well as our facebook page. You can click the link in our signature and follow the page for frequent updates about what we're up to, current projects, sponsorships, etc.
If you still haven't checked out the latest project we're involved with, take a peak at the video below:
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