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2004 Dallas performance Gallardo, 1110 whp twin turbo, verde Ithaca wrap

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2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, 44k miles. E-gear with paddle shifters. Interior has been completely redone and shows like it's new. Car is Giallo Haylus, but has been wrapped verde Ithaca. On top of the verde ithaca wrap is a paint protection film to protect it from any rock chips and then on top of that is a ceramic coating.
Engine completely rebuilt to handle the increased power at 26k miles.
Twin turbo kit added by Dallas Performance that makes 1110 whp. Has 4 tunes that are adjustable on the fly and start at 650 whp for mild daily driving.
Superleggera carbon skirts added,
Lightweight OZ racing wheels
Ceramic clutch was added to handle the power.
LP570 front bumber with carbon fiber center piece
- Billet axles
Full build sheet available upon request. Over 90k in upgrades done to the car including the 67k in engine and turbo work done by Dallas Performance.
I have owned the car for about a year and I have only used it on the 800whp setting once. The entire rest of the time I only used the 650whp setting. Everyone who has ridden in it agrees even at 650whp it feels like a rocket ship.
- Oil has been changed every 1k miles. 3
-New tires. Vehicle Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Hood

- All coolant lines on the engine were replaced 4 months ago. d Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Vehicle Car Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle
Car Vehicle Gear shift Motor vehicle Car seat cover
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood
Land vehicle Speedometer Vehicle Tachometer Trip computer
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I'm becoming more interested as I revisit the forum every few days.

Is this Peter Beattie's old car? Also, not making this personal, but why the sale after only about a year?


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Thanks for the quick reply. Fair deal with the reasons for selling. If I could afford it, I'd love to own/drive as many exotics as I can while I can. Good philosophy.

Thanks for confirming it's Peter's old TTG. He made many videos and chronicled the ownership process, what he did, problems, fixes and also videos of this car's performance on the road vs UGR Gs, TT Murcies, etc. Great to watch.

I'll post some questions here. I figure folks may ask the same thing so it may actually save you time. Though if you prefer, DMing is fine too.

1. Was the work at 26k miles a rebuild of the existing DP engine or when the original DP mods were done? If it was a rebuild, did DP do it?
2. Has it been dyno'd lately to check for performance drop-off?
3. What is the current clutch snap?
4. Do you have full service history since the at least the original DP build?
5. Who has been doing the service since the car came back to Texas from the North East?
6. How many owners between Peter B and you?
7. I assume it's still a no accident car...?
8. Any leaks, wear, noises or other stuff requiring attention by the new owner?
9. Which owner had the wrap done, and if removed is the yellow underneath still ok or does the OEM paintwork require attention?

I really like the new interior vs the original spec, by the way. Glad it still has that $1300 steering wheel too - it looks terrific.

Feel free to DM a reply if you this is too much for the thread. Depending on the answers we can start chatting via email/phone.

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-The engine was built at 26k miles by Dallas performance. It was totally stock before the build.
-when I purchased the car a year ago I had a full ppi done at Dallas performance and the only thing it needed was a new wheel bearing which was replaced at that time and new coil packs. cI wanted to have it dyno'd at that time but they couldn't get me on the schedule for a dyno time for 2 weeks and I live in az so it wasn't feasible to bring it back for that.
  • I have not had the clutch reading done since I purchased the car. Local shop did a visual inspection on the clutch, but no snap test.
  • I have receipts for all the work that has been done since I have owned the car (All coolant hoses replaced on the engine (this requires them taking the intake manifold off the reach one of the hoses), coil packs replaced, 3 oil changes (every 1k miles).
  • Local shop called Tuning Gruppe services the car here In AZ. I don't have the service history before me, but I imagine a carfax might show this.
  • 2 owners between peter and me and I have been in contact with both.
  • zero accidents
  • zero leaks or wear issues other than brakes. They will need to be done soon, I have already ordered the pads. The car drives and looks like new and I get the comments all the time that people can't believe it's an 04
  • The owner previous to me had the wrap done, he sent me pics of the car right before the wrap and the paint looked excellent. There have been very few miles put on the car since Peter owned the car. I personally only put just over 4k in a year and the car has been garaged its entire life.
  • The interior was done very well and I'm a fan of the steering wheel as well.

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mclaren 570 or a 650.
Probably a dumb question, but, have you entered and exited a McLaren? I say this because when I was shopping, I visited McLaren Newport Beach, CA and got in several of them... for me (a former bodybuilder) they were way too hard to get into and out of... I felt like they were real race cars, like almost easier to get in through the window. I realize most people don't care about that and I LOVE the way they look and perform... just would be a track car only for me. For what it's worth.. and I realize not much :cool:
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